SoundCloud brings the music world a little closer

News 04:12 December 2019:

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Looking to broaden your music horizon? Tired of the same old boring Top 40 hits? Interested in finding local artists? Check out SoundCloud today and the music world will be at your fingertips!

SoundCloud is a social media site where accomplished musicians, new artists and music lovers alike can connect and explore the music world. There is a plethora of music available from every genre from Indie to International to New Age to Classic Rock to Classical to Hip Hop…anything one can think of; it’s right there on SoundCloud!

Once someone finds an artist that they enjoy, they simply become a SoundCloud Follower (or fan) of that artist’s profile. This way they can closely follow that artist, or group, and stay informed of new releases, tour dates, merchandise etc. If someone likes a song by a particular group or artist, they can show their support by adding a SoundCloud Likes to the song and then leave comments to communicate with the artist as well. They can also connect with others who have similar tastes in music. It’s a great way to expand one’s musical horizons while making new friends in the process!


There is no charge for a basic account so anyone can create a profile and get connected to the music world with the click of a button. So head on over to SoundCloud now and start exploring the music scene!