Twitter Likes: Who Gives Them?

News 03:12 December 2019:

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When it comes to social media, most newbies and those advanced in the field know that there is something to be said for getting likes. Likes are an important indication that a page is succeeding in some way. But, these likes are more than just a navigator of content. They are connected to real people who have opinions, can become engaged with the page, and who are voice in social media. For businesses, too, they are people with connections that can buy products and order services, all of which are important to profitability and economic success.

But, to know what Twitter likes are, for example, is not to paint the complete picture. After all, if likes are connected to people this begs the question of just who these people are. There are several different social media sites out there and they all trend in different demographics. Facebook users tend to be older while Snapchat tends to be younger. With new social media coming out every day, these demographics can change. Businesses, though, should look at these trends and know the audience they are trying to pursue. A statistical analysis and constantly updated demographic trends will help to determine this for that particular page at that particular time. No matter what, though, those that are interested in understanding need to study these stats in order to get the most from their accounts.