Using Automatic Likes To Rank Top On Twitter;

News 04:12 December 2019:

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The recent development on Twitter has created a mechanism that determines which tweets show top on the timeline whenever you log in. Have you logged into your Twitter account and seen “while you were away” option? Tweets displayed here are those whose content has the highest ranking or an overall high engagement the moment it was published. Everyone wants to appear in such top pages for efficient advertising and marketing over the competitors. That is why automatic likes and retweets are the main options to make content go viral hence the higher ranking.

Even if you posted the content while the user was away, all this information would be available under the while you were away button. As an advertiser, you will retain the rank if it still ranks top even if another content has been posted.  This feature may be of little value to new tweeps, but veterans prefer to go through their timeline to catch up with the happenings while they were offline.

The vendors of automatic engagements have tapped into this new advancement and are a force to reckon. The automatic likes, tweets, retweets and use of hashtags have made them stay on top of their game hence their demand. Be sure to pay more for their services soon.